A Technological Leap to
Reinvent Logistics

Meet the Transporter

A category-defining cab-less battery electric vehicle (BEV) for multi-stop delivery routes, engineered to lower delivery costs and unlock new services for last- and middle-mile deliveries.

The uPodTM

The detachable uPod includes proprietary software-controlled robotic mechanisms that form variable apertures revealing cargo destined for each customer. The uPod’s adaptive shelving accommodates various sized packages, from small envelopes to 65” TVs. It is designed specifically for multi-stop driverless deliveries, capable of storing up to 270 cubic feet of goods and up to 80 separate compartments.

No-cabin/occupant-less design lowers production and maintenance costs

Without a driver, there is no need for a windshield, seats, seat belts, airbags, steering wheel or foot pedals. The Transporter is driven by Intel’s Mobileye Drive®, the industry’s most sophisticated, scalable and secure autonomous driving system available worldwide. Our close partnership enables the transporter to navigate at highway speeds up to 70mph.

100% Electric

The Transporter is a fully electric BEV with two battery size options to choose from: 160 kWh (up to 270 miles per charge) and 100 kWh (up to 170 miles per charge). We are committed to reduce carbon emissions for our environment and to enable fleet operators to fulfill their sustainability goals. Both Transporter versions have a fast charging port (CCS connector) and an L2 port (J1772 connector).



Type:US Class 3
Overall Length:18.6' / 5.66m
Height:8.13' / 2.48m
Width:6.84' / 2.09m
Bottom Cargo Height from the ground:2.74' / 0.84m
Wheelbase:12.16' / 3.71m
GVWR:14,000 lbs. / 6,350 kg
Payload (with uPod):2,200 lbs / 1,000 kg
Payload (without uPod):5,500 lbs / 2,500 kg
Usable uPod Length:13.24' / 4.03m
Usable uPod Width:5.54' / 1.69m
Usable uPod Height:3.73' / 1.14m

Reserve Your Transporter Today

Let us know how many vehicles you are interested in reserving. Each unit requires a $1,000 downpayment to secure reservations. Limited pilot units available in the fourth quarter of 2023, and first production units by end of 2024.