Udelv Tele-Operations System

Udelv’s proprietary tele-operations system is one of the world’s lowest latency remote driving and control systems. It enables remote perception, monitoring and control for automotive and non-automotive robotics applications. Udelv’s tele-operations system can be used in autonomous as well as non-autonomous vehicles. It consists of in-unit sensors and processing software, networking functionality, and a remote (back-office) command center. A wide range of remote, multi-unit oversight and control capabilities can be enabled for various use cases.


Fact Sheet

Autonomous system agnostic, with integrated safety and cyber-security features
Automotive grade design with redundant real time processors for all in-unit interfacing and processing
Up to 8 channel dynamic encoding video streaming for 360-degree perception awareness
Comprehensive sensor coverage map support with diverse camera Field-of-View and resolution compatibility
Overcome cellular network challenges with cellular bonding (up to 3 modems)
Capture, composition, encoding and transmission in less than 8ms, and glass-to-glass in less than 85 ms with network-latency mitigated nominal performance
Comprehensive I/Os and interface protocols allow for in-unit communication, command and feedback for a wide range of peripherals and functions onboard.
Complete telemetry, perception data and controls state rendering for remote user for human in-the-loop oversight and control
8 CAN 2.0B and FD bus channels for redundant vehicle control and delivery pod interface
Compact, low footprint command system for back-office integration through standard internet service
Expandable I/Os and hardware provisioning for additional equipment interfaces, such as other sensors and inputs sources.
Works with Udelv’s uECU™ (Please refer to our uECU™ brochure and pricing)


AV and non- AV System agnostic

Multiple Use Cases

Remote monitoring & control for added safety

Reduced cost in field engineering support

Many units controlled by a single operator

Onboard 4G/5G communications

Mission continuity for
out-of-scope areas

Safety layer for unmanned robotics testing applications

What non-AV system problems can tele-operations solve?

Examples of applications for non-AV or semi-AV (L2/L3 ADAS) Use Cases:

Human driver is locally expensive, or must be paid overtime and double time

Example of End User: Fixed routes during holiday season.

Solution: Remote operation with no human driver.

Benefit: Cost savings and higher vehicle utilization.

Human not capable or trained to navigate a particular situation

Example of End User: Teen, senior, vision-impaired, etc.

Solution: Remote operation with local driver present.

Benefit: Safety improvement, getting the job done.

Human driver is inconvenient

Example of End User: Moving people who need to do something else while being driven. Long rides.

Solution: Remote operation without human driver.

Benefit: Convenience.

Human driver is underutilized

Example of End User: Yard/Port operators, School bus fleets, Shipping & logistics cost.

Solution: Pooling remote driving across multiple vehicles.

Benefit: Cost savings.

Purchasing Options

The complete Udelv tele-operations system consists of a uECU™, cameras and a command center kit. Cameras and the uECU™ can be purchased as part of the whole system or separately. Udelv’s tele-operations system supports up to 8 cameras simultaneously.



Tele-Operations Command Center

Tele-Operations Command Center Subscription

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