At Udelv, we’re crazy enough to be working on one of the most ambitious, complex, high-potential technologies of all time.

To continue building the world’s most experienced autonomous delivery vehicles, we bring together a team of engineers with focuses in robotics, simulation, electronics, mechanics, automotive, and a dozen other specialties.

Our business team of operators, fundraisers, and supply chain aficionados keeps us on track (so to speak).

Plus, we have some very charming blog writers.

Customer unloads boxes from the Udelv Newton. Udelv has made over 3,000 deliveries.


While we need this team to succeed, we also need partners.

Partners, in the form of the world’s largest technology companies, add exponentially to the output of every internal engineering hour.

Partners provide experience, support, and guidance.

Partners give our clients assurance that we’re not solving one of technology’s biggest problems alone. Our solutions will always be comprised of the world’s best technology, perfected in-house, in service of our clients.


We’re excited to join forces with Microsoft

Udelv has chosen Microsoft as a partner to provide the technology backbone and will optimize their development and production operations with Microsoft Azure including Azure DevOps, Azure Machine Learning, Azure AI, high-performance Computing (HPC) data management services, and more.

At the same time, Udelv will bring a Newton ADV to Microsoft’s corporate campus to demonstrate this benefits of Udelv’s Autodeliv Service to people visiting the Microsoft campus.

Always driving forward. Udelv has driven 10s of thousands of miles making deliveries and collecting data.


Why does this matter to companies relying on the growing autonomous delivery industry? What can be accomplished when a revolutionary service is built on a strong foundation of partnerships?

The world’s largest retailers and logistics companies can rely on a dependable service, built by innovators and backed by great technology companies deeply invested in customer success.

If you’re interested in learning more about how an autonomous delivery service can work for your company, email