Sometimes, one of the most difficult things for a large company to do is to realize that the practices and tools that brought about its current success may not be those that will bring future success.

Companies too established in the status quo often miss the trends and technologies that upend their industries. Nokia, the largest cellphone manufacturer of the 90s, missed the smartphone movement and fell out of prominence. RadioShack and Circuit City stuck to their retail guns while Best Buy blew past them with more experiential stores and knowledge-based services.

Slow uptake of trends and technologies ensures a growing graveyard of former business behemoths.

Other companies move into new technologies and trends with vigor and innovative spirit, refusing to be late.

H-E-B, one of America’s largest retailers and the most loved grocery in Texas, is solidly in the second camp as one of the most innovative retailers of our time.

We’re exciting to announce that H-E-B and Udelv are partnering to bring autonomous grocery delivery to Texas.

Udelv’s ADVs will be delivering for H-E-B customers in late 2019.


As a massive retailer with an established delivery business, H-E-B continues to find ways for new technologies to benefit their customers. They recognize that autonomous delivery will not replace drivers, nor will it serve 100% of customers (just like only 81% of Americans own smartphones!).

But for the regions where hiring is difficult, and for the customers who fall in love with the reliable, low cost service, H-E-B will be a leader in autonomous delivery.

At Udelv, we’re excited to partner with H-E-B. Each new ADV in the market helps us improve as a delivery company, as an autonomous driving company, and as a smart, experienced leader in this growing industry.

Texas- see you soon!

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