BURLINGAME, Calif., November 22, 2021 — Udelv, a Silicon Valley venture-backed company, announced today that they have been selected by the United States Air Force (USAF) AFWERX program for a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award to improve flight line readiness by enhancing the delivery turnaround time of critical equipment to and from maintenance tool rooms and back shop areas at Edwards Air Force Base in California.

A pioneer in fully autonomous delivery technology, Udelv produces middle- and last-mile electric cab-less autonomous delivery vehicles for multi-stop delivery runs, called Transporters. The first fully electric cab-less autonomous vehicle for multi-stop delivery feature Udelv’s patented cargo robotics comprised of a suite of hardware and software for intelligent loading and unloading, state-of-the-art telematics and fleet management, and are “driven” by Intel’s Mobileye autonomous driving sensors and computers. Udelv will produce more than 50,000 Mobileye-driven Transporters by 2028, with commercial operations beginning in 2023.

Udelv’s customers expect the Transporters to dramatically improve the efficiency of last- and middle-mile delivery services for everything from baked goods and auto parts to groceries and medical supplies.

During its recently completed Phase I effort for the Air Force, Udelv identified that the requirement to pick up and drop off items across base consistently takes personnel away from their primary duties. These delays in parts deliveries impact readiness. Udelv recognized that its self-driving vehicle will alleviate the requirement for personnel to deliver parts, tools, and equipment, allowing them to focus on completing the primary assigned duties while increasing the speed at which equipment is delivered via on-demand delivery.

By providing an autonomous delivery solution, Udelv will reduce the delivery turnaround time of critical equipment and tools to and from maintenance tool rooms and other back shop areas that support aircraft maintenance to increase flight line readiness.

The period of performance for this Phase II Contract is fifteen months.

“We are honored by this prestigious SBIR award from our military,” said Udelv CEO Daniel Laury. “Our work with this Air Force program addresses a critical need of speed and efficiency that Udelv’s autonomous technology can do well. Aircraft maintenance is much more productive if delivery time is enhanced by using the Transporter. Our vehicle offers sweeping cost reductions over traditional driver-based services.”

About Udelv

On a mission to improve people’s lives, road safety and sustainable delivery, Udelv is revolutionizing the logistics space with its Transporter, the world’s first electric cab-less autonomous delivery van (ADV) dedicated to multi-stop last- and middle-mile delivery on public roads. Founded in California in 2017 by CEO Daniel Laury and CTO Akshat Patel, Udelv successfully accomplished the first-ever autonomous delivery on public roads in 2018. Udelv has since completed over 20,000 deliveries for multiple merchants in California, Arizona and Texas with two prior vehicle generations. The Transporter, its next generation vehicle, is the answer to the shortage of drivers worldwide and the sustainability of commercial fleets. Udelv’s focus on autonomous vehicles, paired with its uPod delivery technology, enable long-range and high-capacity deliveries that are eco, business and customer-friendly. For more information, visit www.udelv.com.

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