B2B: The Future of Middle-Mile Delivery

Udelv’s Transporter is the solution of choice to lower costs, eliminate driver management overhead, reduce accidents, and decarbonize the movement of goods on multi-stop middle-mile delivery loops like stores to stores, distribution centers to stores, stores to sorting facilities and wholesale distribution to retail. Udelv’s solution is ideal for auto parts distribution, the movement of goods between corporate and retail locations, the delivery of ingredients from regional warehouses to local restaurants, the on-time delivery of equipment from wholesale distributors to construction sites, the sensitive distribution of medical equipment between industrial pharmacies and hospitals and numerous other similar applications.

Shuttle-like service
carrying capacity:
2,000 to 5,000 lbs
Average of 2 to 20 stops per loop
Average of 50 to 300 miles traveled per day

B2C: Rethinking the Last-Mile

With 2,000 lbs. carrying capacity, up to 80 compartments, and driving at highway speeds, the Transporter is designed to transform last-mile delivery by offering a carbon-free, cost-efficient solution to deliver parcels and packages to thousands of consumers at a precise time and location of their choice. For retailers, gone is the struggle to find drivers during the high season. The Transporter offers a significantly improved customer service and access to delivery data like never before. For the consumer, it means no thefts, no mis-deliveries, a more convenient and affordable service and the opportunity to get anything delivered where you want when you want it. Mobile apps offer a series of user-friendly ways to retrieve goods as well as rescheduling service if needed.

Shuttle-like service
Manpower savings
Average of 40 to 80
stops per day
Average of 50 to 200 miles traveled per day

Reverse Logistics

Udelv’s Transporter opens a world of possibilities for reverse logistics, a segment of the shipping industry that has always been difficult for retailers and consumers alike. With the tap of a button on the mobile app, users will be able to summon the Transporter to their door and seamlessly ship any undesired item back to the sender; similarly, in B2B loops, a store can return unsold goods to a hub, a distribution center or another store at any time.

Government & Defense

Udelv’s Transporter was granted a prestigious SBIR AFWERX award for the use of a Transporter to move goods at Edwards Air Force Base in California and is in discussion with several other United States Air Force bases to expand the program. Udelv is also working with the Air Force Institute of Technology to explore autonomous delivery vehicles for flight line use. Many other applications can be designed specifically for government and other armed forces to replace some of the current 2 million + light duty commercial vehicles in use by the US government with sustainable driverless transportation.