On January 30, 2018, Udelv made the world’s first autonomous grocery delivery on public roads, in partnership with Draeger’s Market in San Mateo, California.

Later this month, Udelv will have another first. This time, it will be in Surprise, Arizona,with America’s largest grocer, and the world’s largest retailer: Walmart.

The ADV has 32 secure compartments inside, keeping your groceries safe and cool.


What this means for udelv:

Over the past 12 months, Udelv has made thousands of deliveries for dozens of clients. We’ve tested, learned, and refined autonomous deliveries more than any company in the world. Armed with this knowledge, we’re proud to announce the launch of our 2nd generation Autonomous Delivery Van (ADV): The Newton.

This partnership with Walmart is an affirmation of our goals and vision: That ADVs can improve lives and drive the future of e-commerce.


What this means for consumers:

ADVs can cut delivery costs, narrow delivery windows, and make more goods more accessible to more people, enabling customers to save time and live better. With the backing of the world’s largest retailer, ADVs take a giant step towards delivering on their promises.

Citizens of Surprise- if you want to check out the Udelv ADV, place your Walmart grocery delivery order (starting later this month).

You can send any feedback or ideas to support@udelv.com!

Udelv’s V1 has made thousands of deliveries in California. We’re excited to start making them in Arizona!


What this means for other businesses:

companies from industries across the board consider their foray into ADVs, they’ll look for partners with the proper resources, support, and business models to provide a technology-forward, customer-centric, and reliable solution. Walmart’s backing of Udelv, along with our experience from thousands of public road deliveries across multiple industries, positions Udelv at the forefront of autonomous delivery vehicle providers.

If you want to learn more about how ADVs might work for your business, email sales@udelv.com.